Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Chicken With Sage, Fontina, Prosciutto, and Caramelized Lemon

Chicken With Sage, Fontina, Prosciutto, and Caramelized Lemon
Serves 4
Paul T. Anders

4 6-ounce chicken breasts, with skin
8 large sage leaves, torn in half
4 1-ounce slices fontina cheese
4 very thin slices prosciutto
8 Tablespoons butter
2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
2 lemons, halved  
Salt and pepper


Season the chicken with salt and pepper, and press a sage leaf into the flesh (non skin side). Top with the cheese and prosciutto, and hold together with a toothpick.

Heat 2 Tablespoons butter and oil in a skillet over medium heat. Add the chicken, skin side down, and cook until the skin is golden brown. Flip over and cook until equally crisp, and cooked through. Remove the chicken, add the remaining 6 Tablespoons butter and cook until browned and has a nutty aroma. Pour over the chicken. Sear the lemon in the same skillet until deeply caramelized, and serve with the chicken.

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  Yield: 4 Servings

Prep time: 20 minutes

Cook time: 8 minutes

  Round Out the Meal:
With garlic wilted spinach, arugula, or Swiss chard.

  Kid Friendly:
This is kid friendly!

  Beverage Pairing:
A Belgian beer such as the Blue Label Chimay.

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